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ieatneat.com & Lessons in Marathon Training

I have some exciting news on the blog front!

www.ieatneat.com is officially mine & I am now blogging on that site. It took awhile to get it set up (thanks Todd) but I think it’s finally there. It may be a little slow at loading but I will work on fixing that!

Please change whatever you use to find my site to www.ieatneat.com! Yay! This is exciting!

(Just my experience – not professional by any means)

A couple weeks ago while counting down for my marathon, I kept thinking of things I’d do different and things I’d learned. I wrote some things down & thought I’d share them with you! Here’s a compilation of what I learned.

** It is not a given that you will lose weight. In fact, you may gain weight! With the amount of calories you burn I’m pretty sure you will be hungrier! Especially if you are a foodie like me!

** When experimenting with food (gels, blocks, sport beans, etc.), use one brand at a time & keep a log starting from the beginning! In order to figure out how your body reacts, you need to be able to figure out what has worked and what hasn’t. I made the mistake of using multiple brands & not knowing when I had what. During my last couple ‘long runs’ I started getting stomach problems late in the run or after the run and I could not target what it was.. Don’t make this same mistake! Next marathon I’m going to write down what I eat on each run and then how I feel after to try and prevent stomach issues come race day.

**Not every run will be a good run, regardless of your training! You will have bad days.. it’s ok! All that matters is getting the miles in. Try not to get too worked up about it. Getting through the tough times is just as important because you never know what will happen on race day!

**Toe nails grow back! … Ok you got me, I did know this.. but I did lose three toe nails since January! Two on the same toe! I think my toes are odd lengths..

**Anything I’ve ever read tells you not to wear something new on race day. I bought my marathon outfit the week of the race.. I’m not recommending this but if you don’t typically have chaffing problems.. it can be done! I did wear the outfit twice for my 3 & 3.5 mile runs.

**Start out running at your typical training pace. After experiencing the end of a marathon, I don’t think it would make it any easier if I ran any slower in the beginning. But definitely don’t start too fast! I think it’s a fine line and unfortunately I really don’t know the answer.

**Enjoy the pain! I hated every mile at the end of my race.. but within hours of completing it, I wanted to try those ones again.. I immediately thought I could do better! Hmm.. this may be part of the appeal?

**For some reason, you will be much more sore after 26.2 miles than 18..20 or even 22 miles! It hurts to sit on the toilet! Check out this you tube video..

Course Highlights:

Course: Running through Petco Park & Balboa Park
Sign: ‘Worst Parade Ever’
Food: Watermelon given by little kids
Band: Don’t remember..
Aid Station: Traveling aid station via Todd! Amazing! =)

Don’t forget to change to http://www.ieatneat.com!


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