Skydiving & Fish 101

My present to Todd (for Christmas) was a pass for both of us to go SKYDIVING!!  There was a ‘Groupon like’ coupon so I jumped at the idea.  I had never been skydiving but Todd had once before.

Yesterday, we finally got around to using it!

After a quick stop at Triple Crown for some liquid courage and a couple shuffleboard games (I won both 🙂 ), we were off to jump out of a plane!

Before they allow you to skydive, you basically have to sign your life away!  We watched a very boring video telling you that if something happens, it will not hold up in court because I signed this paper.  A little scary but we signed the papers!

While waiting for our turn, we watched as many other people got in the airplane & came falling down.  Every single person looked like they had a great time!

This plane was so small (in my mind) but supposedly it is large for skydiving!

This is probably what it looked like when I came down!

After about an hour and a half of waiting, it was our turn to get up there!  We suited up in our gear, met our tandem professionals & were sent up in the airplane!

As the days counted down leading up to this event, I was nervous but when it came down to it, I enjoyed myself.  I was no longer scared but excited!

I really wish I could’ve had my camera in that airplane.  It was crazy!  All the professionals (for lack of a better word) had watches telling them the altitude.  We were waiting for 13000 ft and then the jumping would begin!

My turn came before I knew it!  My ‘professional’ was strapped to me kind of like a backpack.  I stood at the door to the plane watching as Todd was falling into nowhere land.  He said it was time, we rocked back and forth and before I knew it I was free-falling.  I got into the arched position as I was told and just held on to my straps.

For the first half of the free fall I was somewhat in shock.  There was sooo much wind I couldn’t really breathe!  I also had trouble moving because of that wind!  He said I could ‘fly’ with my arms and such but I couldn’t move!  Once I relaxed and realized this wasn’t going to last long, I gave up on worrying about breathing and enjoyed myself.  I think we spun around so I could see the views.  I played with the air.. it was amazing.  I thought I’d lose my stomach on the free fall but I did not.  I was told that since the plane was already moving so fast, we jumped out at similar speeds preventing that sensation.

After about a minute of free-falling, we released the parachutes and loosened some of my straps to make it a little more comfortable.  We did some spins giving me a bit of the lost stomach sensation & looked out at the views.

Before I knew it we were landing and my ride was over!  If only that could’ve lasted longer.  I had an amazing time.  I want to go back up there.  If only this was a cheaper hobby!

We took our skydiving certificates and headed home.  Back to life on the ground. sigh..

Everyone should try skydiving once!  You will not be disappointed.. maybe we should skydive in New Zealand.. just a thought! 🙂

We got home around 8pm & decided we should get some dinner.  We decided to eat out for dinner but take it easy the rest of the night.

It was time to try Fish 101! Fish 101 opened pretty recently into a location in Leucadia that has had some difficulty in the past.

I have high hopes!

The beer I started with was Orange Wit I think.  It was similar to a Blue Moon.

We sat on the back heated patio.  This is new!  I’ve never seen this with the previous restaurants.  It was a great addition.  We started with 1/2 dozen oysters.

As well as the crudo of the day which was Hamachi.  The fish had a slice of Serrano Chile on each piece as well as some sauce that was amazing.  The flavors were awesome!

We then shared the Fish of the Day plate and chose the Salmon with steamed rice & seaweed salad.  This salmon was as well cooked as I think we’ve ever been served in a restaurant.  There was not a single dry spot!

Fish 101 you did not disappoint!  We will be back.  What a great start to this Memorial Day weekend!



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2 responses to “Skydiving & Fish 101

  1. Stephanie

    I went skydiving a few weeks ago at the same place. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I wasn’t nervous at all either.

  2. i’ve been wanting to try out Fish 101. Glad you went and reviewed it. I will definitely be taking my friends there!

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