Last But Definitely Not Least (Weekend Part 3)

Ok.. one last weekend post & then I’ll get back to real life. Not that last weekend wasn’t real life but.. you know what I mean!

After a late late night Saturday, Sunday started with a bang!  By bang I mean, the alarm clock yelling at me way too early.  It took some extra time to get the rest of the house awake and out of the door.. but we made it! Phew.

Why, you ask?  Todd was running the Sparkle & Shine, Girls on the Run 5k near downtown San Diego!  He was running it with two of his coworkers.

After some group stretching to get their muscles all warmed up, they were off!

Here they come..

..and there they go!

They even had a sprint left in them for the finish line!

Congrats on your first 5k Frank!! Hopefully there will be many more to come =)

After the run we went to brunch at The Tractor Room.

If there’s anything you need to know about the Tractor Room, it’s that the entrées are HUGE & they have an EXTENSIVE bloody mary menu.

Jamie, Jesse, Todd & I shared two entrees and did not finish it all.. that should give you an idea as to how big they are!  Oh and if everyone ordered their own entree, your bank account would hate u!

We ordered the ‘House Favorite Chocolate Banana Pancake’

It had slices of bananas we could see!

It also came with two eggs & a meat of your choice.  We chose turkey sausage.

The other entree was the Smoked Salmon & rock shrimp cake benedict.

It was beautiful & came with roasted potatoes.

All in all a good brunch to get us ready for nap time!  We went home, slept for a couple hours and only woke up to go eat again!

We attended Foodtrucks and Fun at Boomers!  This was definitely a ‘Tammy’ event and I’m so glad I was able to drag everyone else to come with me! =)

Boomers hosted ~20 food trucks from San Diego & Los Angeles at three different locations throughout the weekend.  Sunday’s location was in Vista and it fit into my schedule! woohoo

We ordered a random assortment of things from different trucks and all took a bite of each.  This way we could try lots of items!

Here it goes..

Lobsta Truck

Lobster Roll = Amazing

We ordered it with butter and the lobster was cold.  I prefer the whole thing hot like I had in Boston but it was still very good!  It was small and a little pricey.. but that was somewhat expected.  I would order it again anyday!

Grill Em All

Did anyone besides me watch the Great Food Truck Race?  It was a reality show where food trucks competed in different challenges trying to win $$ for their business.

Anyways, Grill Em All won!!!  These guys are celebrities now!

We ordered a burger with peanut butter, jelly, bacon & sriracha.

It was nothing short of awesome.. we may venture to LA one of these days to get another!!

Check that out!! Hungry yet?

Ahn Joo

Some sort of Korean sandwich.  It was pretty good.

Food Junkies Catering

Prices got us to this one!

Grilled chicken on a biscuit with gravy, corn & peas.  Pretty good for $3!


They were closing but made an exception to make us one last taco.  We got the spicy pork with seared pineapple.

This taco was pretty amazing.  The pineapple and pork went so well together!

Frank joined us and ordered from Tabe.

He got some sort of slider with what looked like carne asada fries but not.  I tasted the fries and they were awesome.

The food trucks were awesome.  I am sooo happy we got to try Grill Em All.  I was a little sad that Miho wasn’t there as I’ve been wanting to try them for awhile.  I also missed out on Devilicious and their lobster grilled cheese.   Next time!

Our weekend guests once again.  I think we showed them a good time.. even if we woke them up at 6:45 Sunday morning! =)

Instead of going home and napping again from food coma, we decided to play a little Mini Golf!  We were at Boomers after all!

It was a pretty competitive game!  Leader changed a couple times.. never me though!

It’s hard to see but Todd won!

We headed to the arcade to spend some tokens.


 dance dance revolution.. etc etc!

Oh man.. what a weekend!  Who needs real life anyways?


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