What a Weekend (Part 2)

Saturday morning was supposed to start with my usual VAVi run.  I set my alarm but somehow woke up too late to make it in time.  I decided to run in my neighborhood by myself.  16 miles was on my schedule so I woke up at 7:30 to have my usual pre-long run breakfast.  I ate a sandwich thin with peanut butter & 1/2 a banana and laid back in bed to give myself time to digest.

Next thing I knew, it was 11:30.  Oops.. that breakfast was pointless.

I don’t remember the last time I slept that late!  I must’ve needed sleep.

I debated waiting to run till Sunday afternoon but Todd knew it would be best to get it over with.

I left around noon just in time for the sun to come out!  It was a little toasty.

Summary 02:28:49 16.00 09:18
1 00:09:24 1.00 09:24
2 00:09:07 1.00 09:07
3 00:09:15 1.00 09:15
4 00:09:12 1.00 09:12
5 00:09:08 1.00 09:08
6 00:09:18 1.00 09:18
7 00:09:17 1.00 09:17
8 00:09:13 1.00 09:13
9 00:09:14 1.00 09:14
10 00:09:05 1.00 09:05
11 00:09:37 1.00 09:37
12 00:09:40 1.00 09:40
13 00:09:41 1.00 09:41
14 00:09:13 1.00 09:13
15 00:09:08 1.00 09:08
16 00:09:07 1.00 09:08

I ran 10 miles by myself and then came home and picked up Todd who biked with me during the last 6.  Every long run feels like a new challenge.  Even though I ran 22 miles the weekend before, it didn’t seem to make this one much easier.  10 more miles sounds like an eternity!

I was so happy to have that done with!

After showering and relaxing a bit, my sister and Jesse came over and we headed out to get some food!

N*S*F*M (Not Safe for Mark)

We decided to try Hapifish’s hapihour.

The prices on their happy hour menu were pretty awesome.  We will be taking advantage of this more!



Philly Roll

Shrimp Tempura x2

Spicy Tuna Roll

Beach Bum Roll x2 along with our lovely guests.

Along with the food we took advantage of $1 sake & $10 pitchers of Sapporo.

We had the privilege of sitting at the sushi bar with the owner Justin!  It just made the experience that much more exciting.  Hapifish did not disappoint again.  Great place with great food!

After Hapifish we did a little bar hopping, played some fooseball, ate late night Mexican food & came home and danced to the movie Dirty Dancing.  I’m happy the photos stopped! Though I do think Jamie may have some..

Part 3 to come…


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