What a weekend (Part 1)

What a weekend!  I’m not ready for it to  be over and get back to work tomorrow.   This weekend was full of family, food and tons of fun!  Let’s start with Friday…

(Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Yosemite Part 2.  It is coming, I’m just waiting for everyone’s pics so I can use the best ones)


Friday was Bike to Work Day in San Diego!  I think this was my 3rd year participating.. I love trying to hit up as many booths as I can in between my house and work.  Now that I’m closer to work, that is more challenging.

I managed to find two stops.  The memorable one was at Tri-City Wellness.  I have never seen a stop like this.  Typically you will find two people sitting at a table with some maps, mini bars, maybe some drinks and t-shirts if they are one of the t-shirt stations.

Tri-City Wellness‘s stop was amazing.

They had free mini massages.

Hot breakfast burritos!

The burritos were filled with eggs, beans, cheese & salsa I think.  Very delicious!

I stocked up on all the mini bars and samples they were giving out.

And picked up my new t-shirt

Besides what I have pictured, there was a news van, Elektra bikes for show & a Zico rep with free coconut water!

As per usual I got my share of goodies.  I’d say it was a successful ‘Bike to Work Day’


It was a rare occasion where my sister & brother were in town on the same weekend! We took advantage of the situation and got the whole family together!

Todd and I left work a little early & hopped on the Coaster headed downtown.  We met my family at Basic in East Village.

Basic serves New York style pizza in a very urban industrial like building.

The whole crew except for Todd who was picking up our tickets at this point.

We started with Racer 5 on tap!

Any place with Racer 5 on tap is a new favorite!

We ordered two large pizzas and devoured them very quickly!

One pizza was a white pizza with spinach, artichoke hearts & mushrooms.

The other was red with pepperoni, black olives & green bell peppers.

The pizza was delicious. We had no leftovers!

After dinner we headed over to Petco Park for the main event of the evening.

We watched the Padres play the Mariners.

I have no photos at the game so you’re going to have to trust me on this one.  The Padres lost, but we enjoyed ourselves!  Good family fun =)

After the game, Todd and I hopped on the Coaster and called it a night. 

Great start to the weekend!


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