Homemade Mamma Chia

At the Carlsbad Half Marathon Expo, I was introduced to Mamma Chia.  Mamma Chia is a juice drink filled with Chia seeds!

If you’ve read the book ‘Born to Run’, the Tarahumara are the ‘running people’ most of the book is based on.  They are a Mexican tribe of super athletes who run super long distances for fun!

A staple they used to fuel themselves through their runs is Chia.  Yes these seeds are the same seeds used to make Chia Pets from a long time ago.  Do they still exist?

Check out this site for many great nutritional benefits to the chia seed.

I use Chia seeds pretty much daily.  Breakfast is typically ‘Overnight Oats’ containing about a tablespoon of chia seeds.  When mixed with liquid, the seeds ‘gel up’ which is awesome for bulking up oatmeal.  You feel fuller because you have more to eat!  Because they hold so much liquid, they are great for endurance athletes to help sustain them in long hours of physical activity.

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor.. so do your research!

Anyways back to Mamma Chia.  I loved this drink and thought how easy it would be to make it myself!

It took me until now to actually try it out! (Carlsbad Marathon was in January)

Most of the Mamma Chia flavors contain lemon and/or lime as well as some other fruit flavor.  The flavor above is Cherry Lime.  I decided to try Strawberry Lime since it is strawberry season!

I put a pint of strawberries in my magic bullet & blended until I got a strawberry paste.

I then added the juice of a lot of mini limes until I liked the flavor.

At this point I added maybe 3 scoops of Chia seeds to the strawberry lime concoction, then added water to thin it out.  Store in refrigerator overnight to get the ‘gel’ like consistency.  At this point you can add more Chia seeds if you want it thicker or add more water to thin it out.  You may want to add sweetener of some kind but I opted not to because I enjoy it a little tart.

Can you see the ‘gel’ like consistency?

Now for the comparison shots.

Looks pretty good right?  There are so many ways to experiment with this!



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2 responses to “Homemade Mamma Chia

  1. Cheri

    This sounds easy and delicious! Maybe this is all I need to do to have as much energy as you!

  2. Way awesome! I’m totally going to try that!

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