Stuffed Mushrooms Two Ways

I bought mushrooms from Costco last week that were just calling to be stuffed!  They were huge! Stuffing them is just what we did.

Remove mushroom stems and chop.  Yes we are stuffing mushrooms with more mushrooms!

Chop some parsley & grate some parmesan or other hard cheese.  I would’ve liked walnuts for some reason but all I had were almonds.

I’m going to share my little trick for chopping nuts.  It’s probably not my trick, everyone probably does it.. but to me it’s cool and all mine.

Place nuts in Ziploc & hit against cutting board with meat tenderizer or something hard.  Be careful not to take too many aggressions out as the bag will break!  You will now have smashed chopped nuts that didn’t take hours to try to chop with a knife!

Mix nuts, cheese, parsley, mushrooms & bread crumbs in a bowl.  This will be the base of our mushroom filling.

Stuffed Mushroom Base Recipe

1.5 cups mushrooms caps chopped

1 cup parsley

1 cup parmesan cheese

1 cup bread crumbs

1/2 cup chopped almonds

I decided to try two recipes when making these.  Why? Because I wanted to use up the blue cheese & pesto in my fridge.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Add melted blue cheese to mixture above.  You can adjust the amount depending on your taste.  The more blue cheese the more blue cheese punch you will get.  Obviously.

All ready to go into mushrooms!

Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms

Add pesto to base recipe above.  You can adjust the amount depending on your taste.

Get as much of the filling as you can in these mushrooms!  The recipe does make extra so you can either cut the amounts a little, stuff more mushrooms than I did or use it for something else.  Thinking a pasta bake or maybe stuffed zucchini to use up my extras!

Add some grated cheese to the tops for good measure.

Bake them at 350ish (don’t remember what temperature it was exactly) for about 15-20 minutes(ish).  The cooking time & temperature will vary depending on your oven.  Just watch them & once your cheese is melted and your mushrooms feel soft they should be just about good to go!

Don’t forget to eat all that cheese (burnt?) off the tin foil.  It’s soo good!

This recipe was simple to throw together and can be easily adapted with what’s in your fridge!

We enjoyed them with a salad made with some fresh CSA produce.

Another tip I have up my sleeve is to never buy bottled salad dressing.  They are expensive and a homemade dressing is pretty simple.

One of my favorites is to use some leftover hummus & mix it with water to dilute it.

There you have it! A simple & healthy salad dressing recipe!  Yum!

Tomorrow is Friday and I’m up WAY past my bedtime!

I did win Catan tonight so that’s my excuse. =)

Stay tuned.. I have some fun things up my sleeves..


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