Alpine Challenge & Prepkitchen

What a great weekend! We couldn’t have asked for better weather!

Saturday morning started with an hour drive out to Alpine, CA for the annual Alpine ChallengeSD Luna Chix were Gold sponsors in this event and I was in charge of our booth!

The ride had a 25, 50 & 62 mile distance options.  Two of our Luna Chix riders roden 25 miles while one rode 62 miles.  Once they were done riding they met me to help man our booth.

Hosting a Luna Chix booth at a race expo entails handing out Luna Bars, promoting Luna Chix bike rides and educating about the Breast Cancer Fund.  The Breast Cancer Fund is the organization that Luna Chix all over the country support.  It is not the ‘Pink Ribbon’  group that many confuse it with.  The Breast Cancer Fund focuses on prevention and not curing.  They look at environmental causes to cancer such as household cleaning products, bodily cleaning products & even makeup!  The idea is to educate women so they know what they are exposing themselves to to lower the cases of breast cancer.

All in all it was a great day at the Alpine Challenge!  They had a nice shade tent to keep us out of the heat.  It can get pretty hot in east county.

Lina & I manning the booth!

Luna Chix represented on the bikes!

Luna Chix in the raffle!  We won a raffle prize & picked up two free entries into the SD Century on May 21st! Score!

Laura doing her educating.. cowboy hat and all!

I enjoyed a couple of beers from Alpine Brewing company while working the booth!  The IPA is pretty awesome.. why don’t I see it more often?

Alpine Challenge was a fun easy event to work!  I’m sure we’ll be back next year =)

Prepkitchen Del Mar

Saturday evening we went out with Dave & Leslie to use my Groupon for Prepkitchen!  Prepkitchen is owned by the same people who own Whisknladle. I love Whisknladle and ever since Prepkitchen opened, it’s been on my list!

They are quoting Julia Child on their menu.  I love it!

Their philosophy is right up my alley! Seasonal, local home cooked food.

This is the view from the outside of the kitchen.  Can you see all the glass storage jars for their bulk food?!

This is a view of the bar area.  Love the decor.

When we arrived we sat out of the patio while waiting for a table & enjoyed their cutting board.  It had three kinds of meat, three kinds of cheese, tapenade, two mustards, pickles, olives, walnuts & dried fruit & some bread.  I wish I could remember the types of cheese we ate but they were delicious.

The beer of the night was Bear Republic Racer 5.  Always a good choice!

We were seated and served water in milk jug looking containers.  This wasn’t just any old water but cucumber lemon infused!  The cucumber taste really came through.  It was nice and refreshing =)

Todd and I shared a soup, salad & entrée.  The soup went un-pictured but it was a lentil soup with coconut milk coriander, cumin & many Moroccan spices.  It was so good.  I’d love to try to make that one sometime.

The salad was watercress with beet, tangerine, avocado & goat cheese.  I love all those ingredients.

Our entrée was Duck Confit with lentils and watercress. It was delicious.  Todd ended up eating most of the duck & I ate most of the salad.

Dessert was a Salted Caramel & Pecan brownie.  Soo rich but good!

We were all VERY pleased with Prepkitchen.  Such a treat =)

After dinner we went out to a local bar for a bit but I think Todd and I left around 11pm.  That makes me feel old!

I wore little heels to dinner & ended up rolling my foot while walking in the restaurant!  I need to wear heels more often.  Ever since then it hurts to point my toe or twist my foot too much.  Not what I needed during peak marathon training!  I’m taking it easy for a couple of days to make sure it’s better!


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