Running can be fun! I promise!

Ragnar So Cal Results!

First things first, results came out for Ragnar!

The Most Interesting Team In the World: 28:52:04 12th in division, 36th team overall (479 teams total)

Go Team!

Movin Shoes Fun Run!

Every Monday night, the Encinitas Movin Shoes store has a fun run.  Groups run either 3,4 or 6 miles of varying paces.  I have wanted to go try it out for a while now as I’m very interested in finding running groups in north county closer to me!

This last Monday was the night!  I showed up by myself and had no idea what to expect.  Turns out Monday was a Scavenger Hunt!  Maybe since it was the day after Easter?  The scavenger hunt was done in teams of 3 so I joined a pair who needed a third.

I couldn’t get a great picture of the list but that’s what happens when I try to use my archaic iphone for pictures!  We had to find and take pictures of as many items as we could in 60 minutes!

Scavenger Hunt List (as I remember it)

  • Blue Cars
  • Addresses with the number 8 (houses or businesses)
  • Lettered street signs
  • Classic Cars
  • Picture with a lifeguard
  • Picture with a random surfer
  • Picture with a park ranger
  • Do a ‘cheerleader’ pyramid with a random person
  • Large tiki
  • Swami’s Sign
  • Beaches that start with ‘B’ or ‘S’
  • Old-fashioned chocolate covered doughnut from local bakery
  • Cardiff Kook
  • Menu or business card from Bull Taco (San Elijo Campgrounds)

I got real lucky because the team I joined won two years ago.. so we’ll just say they knew what they were doing.  We came in second place with 174 points. (I think)  There were different point values assigned to each item & what helped us was getting 9 classic cars!  That was 54 points! We won a certificate for anything off the sale rack at Movin Shoes as well as some smaller goodies!  Score! I picked the right day to come.

We covered a little over 4 miles but these paces are all messed up as my watch was stopping and going when we stopped to take photos.  The run was actually 54 minutes not 39:52.  We should’ve used those extra 6 minutes! I’m sure we could’ve found some more classic cars.

Summary 00:39:52 4.11 09:41
1 00:09:38 1.00 09:38
2 00:10:22 1.00 10:22
3 00:09:44 1.00 09:44
4 00:08:57 1.00 08:57
5 00:01:10 0.11 10:28

Sometimes a change of scenery is an awesome way to make running fun if it’s become a chore.

After running, Todd and I used a coupon & went to The Counter!  I have heard so much about their veggie burger I had to try one out.  The Counter is really tough for me.. I am horrible at making decisions and there are way too many to be made!

I ordered a veggie burger on an english muffin with a kalamata olive spread, feta cheese, avocado, lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts & tomato.  It was delicious.  One thing that bugs me about the Counter is you have to pay $1 extra to get your burger on a salad instead of a bun.  Really?

We opted for pickle chips which were interesting but we will probably stick with sweet potato fries next time.

And a beer to wash it all down 🙂

Makeshift VAVI Run

Tuesday nights are typically my VAVI runs.  The run this week was at Roadrunner in Kearny Mesa.  Running around in circles in the business area is NOT a pretty run!  10 VAVI runners and I decided to boycott it & make our own run.  We started in PB and some of us ran up Soledad Mtn and back down while others drove cars to the top & ran down.  I joined the group driving to the top.  I think running to the top would’ve been better to even out my legs & get in more miles.  My shins & calves did not like the downhill.

This run was nice & short, but still fun!

Summary 00:33:40 3.84 08:46
1 00:08:51 1.00 08:51
2 00:08:41 1.00 08:41
3 00:08:42 1.00 08:42
4 00:07:25 0.84 08:52

Once we got down the mountain we ran to Hennesseys for their 2 for 1 burgers.  Just what I needed, another burger! I ordered the Burger Sampler that came with 4 sliders.  One with guacamole, one with mushrooms, one with cheddar & the last with bacon & BBQ sauce.  Delicious.. I’ve had my quota on burgers for a while!

After burgers we walked over to get some frozen yogurt!  I don’t think I left PB till 10pm.. fun times for a Tuesday night!

Thursday Server Down Run

My plan for Thursday was to run home from work.  My plans changed when our server at work was down all morning.  I decided to get my run in at lunch while the server was being repaired and hopefully it’d be up when I got back!

It was a beautiful day & the beaches were packed!  I was jealous & wanted to jump in.

Summary 01:13:33 8.00 09:11
1 00:09:21 1.00 09:21
2 00:08:52 1.00 08:52
3 00:09:10 1.00 09:10
4 00:09:39 1.00 09:39
5 00:09:15 1.00 09:15
6 00:09:26 1.00 09:26
7 00:09:16 1.00 09:16
8 00:08:29 1.00 08:30

I got in 8 miles & got back to work to find the server still not working!  It actually never started working.  I got my run over with & came home to hang out with my mom.  She came over to hang out for the night!

No burgers tonight!  I made a ‘kitchen sink’ soup with leftover CSA veggies!  I don’t have a recipe and I don’t have any pictures (fail) but I thought I’d share anyways. 🙂

I threw together carrots, celery, swiss chard, zucchini, cabbage, canned diced tomatoes, canned black beans, chicken stock, oregano, italian seasoning, garlic & bay leaves.  I sautéed the veggies and then let everything simmer for an hour or so.  So fresh and so delicious.

Soups, stir fries or salads are great ways to use up those veggies! Don’t be afraid to throw everything in a pot!


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  1. Oh my gosh, our teams were so close!! We just had a reunion party on Saturday and I am SO ready for another one. Great job, lady!! xoxo

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