Joshua Tree National Park

April’s been a crazy month! From taking my Civil PE Surveying test to running in Ragnar So Cal, I’ve been busy busy!  When I realized I had a free weekend, we took advantage & got out of civilization!  Sometimes your body needs a break from the hustle & bustle & needs some solitude.

Friday night we headed to Joshua Tree National Park. It’s in the desert near Palm Springs.  When you think about it, it’s kind of a weird place.  There are these huge cacti trees (Joshua Trees) in odd shapes & huge piles of rocks everywhere.  How did this place form?

It fit the bill for our weekend trip.  We opted for backcountry camping because we didn’t need camping reservations & we knew we would not be near any loud boy scout troops!

In order to camp in the backcountry in Joshua Tree, you have to fill out a form at a backcountry board in the park giving your license plate information so if they come across your car they know it’s you.  When picking a place to camp, I think the rules say you are to be 1 mile from the road.  We never end up that far, as long as you are not seen from the road we think it is fine.   The negatives to backcountry camping are no fires & no bathrooms.  This means bringing a shovel & digging holes if need be..  The no fire rule is almost a deal breaker for me.  I think every camping trip should have a good campfire but for quiet & solitude, we had to sacrifice campfires.  There’s always another camping trip to come!

Spring was blossoming in Joshua Tree.  It was beautiful.

Saturday we decided to hike the hill you see in the picture below.  It is actually a dormant volcano!

It did get pretty steep at the top and required hands & feet to navigate!  You can kind of see the slope in the picture below with Leslie!

Todd decided it was a good idea to scale a steep face of rocks at the top.  It was fun but scary!

I don’t think these photos do it justice! The view from the top was pretty awesome. Those large piles of rocks don’t look so large anymore.

At the top was a message can hidden in the rocks.

We added our mark to the tablet inside the can.

Besides our hike the rest of our trip was spent playing hearts.. enjoying the scenery.. talking..eating some delicious food..

Kebobs from Dave & Leslie!

The marinade they used was soo good!  Love kebobs.

I made a Meyer Lemon Grain Salad with asparagus, almonds & goat cheese.  It was light & refreshing.  A  great side dish for this meal.  The original recipe site has some much more appetizing photos! Go check it out!

We also spent some time with good old Jack Daniels.  I opted to mix him with hot chocolate to kill two birds with one stone!  It kept me nice & toasty until the wind started picking up!  That wind was unpredictable..

Dessert was Ashley’s chocolate chewies. They were crunchy on the outside & chewy on the inside!  Soo good! I made the coconut version and though Todd’s not a huge coconut fan, he liked these cookies!  That’s a win in my book!  Go check out the recipe here: Ashley’s Chocolate Chewies.  There’s also a non-coconut version for those of you who would prefer no coconut!

All in all it was a great trip & perfect weekend getaway!

See you next time Joshua Trees!



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2 responses to “Joshua Tree National Park

  1. Sally

    Very nice photolog of your trip, Tammy! Leslie was exclaiming about her good times, and your pictures really show the awesome beauty of the place. Thanks for sharing! s.

  2. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I find it facinating! Too be honest I would afraid of snakes 😦

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