Beach BBQ & 70.3

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA recently.  I’ve been a busy bee but once April’s over I think I’ll have more time.. though I’m sure I’ll find a way to fill up my schedule.  I always do 😉


In lieu of going out for sushi on Friday night we decided to BBQ on the beach! Thursday and Friday weather was beautiful! It was a great idea!

Jill & Sean found a little area hidden behind the cliff that has just enough space for 8 people with a mini BBQ and table.  It was very quaint and perfect.

I love this photo because Sean is manning the grill which he did so well and Jacqui looks so happy!

It was a relaxing way to end a crazy work week!

A group shot.  Made me want to go camping, even if it’s close by.  Weekend trip soon?.. well not April but May?  If only we could have a campfire at this spot..

Check out this spread.. we had carne asada, chicken bell peppers and mushrooms along with guac, sour cream, cheese, onions  cilantro, lettuce, tapatio & beer! Oh and tortillas to make these!

It was delicious! Thanks to our master chef Seany!

Jealous yet?  Look at that view..

Once it was too dark and our belly’s were all happy, we headed out to Fro Yo Love per Jill’s recommendation.  Check out the topping bar.

A little red velvet, thin mint cookie, and vanilla yogurt with some random toppings.. I think there’s some heath bar.. coookie dough, one sour gummy worm & a squirt of hot fudge which was actually pretty good!  I hate it when the hot fudge just tastes like hot chocolate sauce.. it’s not the same!

I have to say Fro Yo Love was pretty good.  Great yogurt flavors with lots of toppings!  Yogurt was followed by a session in Jill’s hot tub.  It’s been way too long since I’ve been in a hot tub.  It felt so good.  My friday night was awesome, need to do that more often!


This morning I volunteered at the Oceanside Half Ironman Triathlon.  I have never volunteered at a race so I didn’t know what to expect.  We signed up for timing chips where we have to make sure we get every athlete’s timing chip from them when they finish.  No timing chip = no time = way too much work with no proof!

The nice part about working the timing chip station is you don’t have to get up WAY too early to be there when the race starts. We were to report at 9:30am.. not bad at all!

I didn’t get too many pictures but the experience was awesome.  Athletes were crying because they finished their first half ironman, upset because they didn’t have a good race or just happy with themselves and their accomplishment.

A half ironman is definitely an accomplishment.  1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike & 13.1 mile run.  Maybe someday I’ll attempt it, though that would require swimming and getting on my bike.  First thing’s first.. get on that bike!

Andy Potts a US Professional Triathlete won the race today with a time of 3:55:49!!  It was amazing to see such a broad range of athletes.  Potts finishing in 3:55 & when we left there were athletes still finishing in almost 8 hours. Every single one of them put all they could into that race and should be proud of themselves!

What a great experience to be part of.  It is so inspiring.  If you’re a triathlete, I think you should volunteer in a triathlon, a runner, volunteer in a running race, etc. etc.  It gives you a whole different side to the sport.

Does anyone have any volunteering experiences?  Would you recommend it?



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4 responses to “Beach BBQ & 70.3

  1. Marnelle Gleason

    Hey Tami, I’m loving your blog! I volunteer at many biking events and have done a couple running events as well. Just did the finish line for a 300k brevet a week ago Saturday. It was a cold, windy, rainy ride for these cyclists. They started at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning and had to finish by 3:00 a.m Sunday morning. I only got to see 5 finish on my shift, and they were certainly cold and tired but so glad they did it. I do recommend volunteering for the things you love to do, it’s so inspiring! Keep on blogging and cooking and running! Great inspiration!

    • Wow! That’s crazy Marn! That’d be a good one to see too!

      Glad you like the blog! Stay tuned for a post by Todd about his trip!

      See you in Yosemite? Tammy

  2. Cheri

    Hi Tammy!
    I have been loving!! your blog but this is my favorite one so far! I loved seeing the great pictures! Plus your blogs always put me in a good mood just like seeing you and Todd does!

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