Lotus Cafe & Juice Bar

Today was a long one!  I have lots of work to do in the next week and a half so I ended up in the office from 6:15am until 6pm & I ate my lunch at my desk.  My plan was to run at lunch.. but then I kept working.  Plan B was to run after work.. but then it was raining.. I missed my chance! Is it supposed to rain tomorrow?  I hope not.. I may need to get a lunch time run in for my sanity.

After work I was exhausted & didn’t want to cook.  I felt like a beer.  Somehow that beer turned into Lotus Cafe & Juice Bar in Encinitas.  I decided Lotus was a good idea because it’s not a place Todd would want to go to.

I ordered the Nirvana Burrito with Kombucha.  Kombucha has trace amounts of alcohol.. I’ll have to count it as beer tonight?

The burrito was good, healthy yet hearty enough to satisfy me after my long day.  When I am stressed I snack.. or I chew gum or grind my teeth.  Today at work I opted for celery which I brought today as a snack for the rest of the week.  I guess I was really stressed because I ate the whole head of celery today!  Oops.. at least it’s celery.  We’ll see how my stomach feels later.

Another quick story.. once arriving at the restaurant I was upset because I couldn’t find the camera.  I thought I left it at home.  Just my luck.. so I took photos with my phone.  My phone can take OK photos in the sunlight.. but indoors they are not so great.  Once I finished eating & my dish was cleared, I reached my hand in my jacket pocket and guess what happened to be there?  Yes, my camera.  Wow.. I think I am exhausted.  So, the burrito photo & kombucha photo are taken with my phone while the rest with the camera once I found it.  Can you tell the difference?

Since I didn’t get my beer & I ate somewhat healthy, I thought about making cookies.  Ever since I made the 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies and was told to buy Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter, I can’t get the idea out of my head to make those same cookies with dark chocolate peanut butter.  It could be awesome!

Tonight I wasn’t feeling it.  I would probably eat too many =)  But I will make them soon!

I decided to have some ice cream instead!

Ok, maybe not ice cream.  This is actually Strawberry Banana Soft Serve!  If you don’t read way too many food blogs daily like I do, you may not have heard of this.  It’s really simple!

First freeze banana chunks.. that’s all you really need unless you want a flavor besides banana.  I froze some strawberries from my CSA box with the banana.

Add a couple bananas and a couple strawberries to your food processor.  I used the magic bullet but I think it’s on its last leg.  I need a food processor!  That way I can make my own nut butters.. coconut butter.. and banana soft serve that’s easier.  It took a lot of shaking and adding drops of water to get this the right consistency.  The food processor should do a better job.  Be careful if you add any water to not add too much.  Just add a drop at a time testing it in between!  You may not even need it!

Once it’s all incorporated scoop into a bowl & enjoy.  It’s like you’re eating strawberry banana ice cream with no added sugar except for the fruit! Totally hit the spot.. but now I am full!

I think bed time is coming up here real soon! Tomorrow might be another loong day!  Goodnight all!



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