Leucadia Love

Last night I decided to run around my lovely town & document it.  It was fun!

Here are my run stats..  there were many stops for photos in there that went undocumented.

Summary 00:40:48 4.56 08:57
1 00:09:09 1.00 09:09
2 00:09:11 1.00 09:11
3 00:08:54 1.00 08:54
4 00:08:56 1.00 08:56

If I were to describe Leucadia using words, here’s what Lindsay and I came up with:  hipster, funky, quaint, relaxed, upbeat, eclectic, beachy

What do you think?

Train tracks (can’t get away from them)

Leucadia Farmer’s Market

Lou’s Records – famous!

Post Office


Bar Leucadian

Surf  Shop

Bikram Yoga

Just Peachy

Plant Lady & Haggos Organic Tacos (new! Behind that fence is a food truck with some tables to sit at.  Need to try it out asap!)

Mozy Cafe & The Greenery (Mozy has the best burritos)

Pannikin Coffee House (used to be the old train station building)

Local produce stand

Hapifish (opening soon!)

Fish 101 (opening soon I hope!)

Neptune Street

Grandview Beach

Need I say more?


Cliffs & more cliffs!

There are soo many times I run through life not appreciating the little things.  Take a minute and notice what’s right in front of you!  I love my little town!



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3 responses to “Leucadia Love

  1. Adam

    No way! I didn’t know there was a Panakin in Leucadia also. I’ll have to check that out.

  2. Lindsey

    What’s not to love about living in the Leu? Well, besides driving 100000 miles to every Vavi run 😉 Good thing you’re my carpool buddy!

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