CSA Lunch Time Greens Soup

This week I’m all alone so I didn’t do too much meal planning.  I don’t like to spend money on lunch during the week so I did do some prep so I can have soup for lunch!  I wanted to use up some of my greens that were in my CSA box last week so I checked out the recipes on Be Wise Ranch. Be Wise Ranch is where I get my CSA box. They have all kinds of recipes for each ingredient you don’t know what to do with!

This time, I made a soup that I’ve actually made before.  I followed their recipe for the Spicy Tofu & Greens Soup because I knew I could use up any greens I wanted for this recipe as well as some carrots I have.

I used all of the Bok Choy, all the carrots, some of the chard & some of the mustard greens that came in my box.  I think I added more than the amount of greens they recommended.. the more the better!   I’d say that’s a good recipe!

Side note, don’t use mustard greens for a green monster.. trust me, I tried it!  If you don’t know what a green monster is, maybe I’ll show you sometime!

Lunch is all packaged and ready to go!


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