Use up those CSA veggies!

Friday is approaching when I know I will be blessed with a whole new box of fruit & veggies.  My task at hand is to use up the veggies from the last box asap!  This process is my typical use up the veggies method when I am not feeling very creative.

Here’s what I had to work with this time.  Some sort of broccoli leaf, bok choy, carrots & rainbow chard.  Aren’t they beautiful?

I cut them all up, washed them & put them in a pan with a little water in the bottom to steam.

Once they are cooked, your options are endless. For quick weeknight meals I stick with some sort of grain (I typically use quinoa) & then whatever protein I have in the fridge.  I’ve used eggs a lot, tofu, shrimp & maybe even chicken a time or two.

As for sauce once again, there are many options.  You can make Healthy Peanut Sauce using TJ’s Peanut Flour (stock up because there are rumors they are discontinuing the product).  I’ve also used bottled curry sauce, teriyaki, or even just some liquid aminos (soy).

Don’t be afraid of those veggies.  Don’t let them go bad, we all need the extra nutrients! Puree them and drink it if you have to! =)



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2 responses to “Use up those CSA veggies!

  1. Looks like you did it! Emptied your CSA drawer in order to prepare for another delivery. I’m challenged at the moment with too much lettuce. I’ve been dumping my leftover salad in my blender with fruit in the morning.

  2. Stephanie

    Thanks for the tip! I am in the same boat with all my leftover veggies.

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