Friday Night Festivities!

I met my friend Jill for dinner Friday night at one of our favorite Sushi restaurants Sushi & Joy.

Sushi & Joy is a family run restaurant where the owner & his wife are behind the sushi bar (most of the time).  Their daughter is at the front desk & waiting on tables.  We’ve heard some pretty good family feuds while eating at this restaurant.  It makes me wonder what it’s like at their home!  Always entertaining to say the least 🙂

We got there at 7pm on a Friday night & waited about 5 minutes before we were seated at the sushi bar.  Not bad for a Friday night!  You have to sit at the sushi bar at this restaurant, it’s half the experience.

They always start you with some kind of appetizer.  This one was a cucumber salad & some sort of fish salad.  I don’t remember what it was to be honest.

Beer & hot sake to start

Little did we know, this was not going to be just a dinner to catch up!  They brought us some sort of saké in little boxes that they called moonshine.  Note: We did not order this!

Baked oysters were another appetizer they brought out.

Albacore nigiri – sooo good! sooo much fish!

Then we decided to do a saké bomb. I don’t remember the last time I did a ‘real’ sake bomb.   When we got older, we started using the cleaner & quieter method to sake bombing (we just pour the sake in the cup & then drink).   But not this time…

Yes that is beer/sake all over the counter! Oops..

And all over my pants… ugh.. Now I know why we resort to the cleaner & quieter method!

We ordered the Alaska Roll that had salmon, seaweed & avocado inside with no rice.

We were brought some Ono (White Tuna) & some sesame/poppy seed crusted pickled carrots.

Say hello to Steve! The owner & our lovely sushi chef.

Salmon Nigiri

At some point it started getting messy.  Steve decided to put dried seaweed on his two front teeth. Jill & I thought it was a good idea to do the same.. how embarrassing! Sorry about the blurry photos!

Oh wow.. so bad.. I can’t believe I am posting this picture!

Crunchy roll – amazing..

More sake…

And a concoction from Steve that was something like cucumber infused sake. (x3)  It had such a strong cucumber flavor! So good.. no idea what we were drinking.. :/  Steve then gave us the cucumbers to eat.  They were very potent!

Green tea ice cream (x2) to finish off the night!

We shut the place down!  It was a long night for everyone I’d say..

So much fun that we have our next sushi date on the calendar! You know you’re getting old when we have to plan for almost a month away!



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2 responses to “Friday Night Festivities!

  1. That is awesome. I love that you bombed the old school way, spilled sake on your pants, and put seaweed on your teeth. Looks like a great Friday night!

  2. jillian

    Best Friday night EVER!!! I can’t wait til April 1st 🙂
    Love you friend!

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