Eat your veggies

Saturday night I watched some rugby. Todd’s team played in Orange County at 7pm. It was a late one.

Todd’s #15 (fullback)

They won! It was a great game.  Todd intercepted the ball & ran the length of the field to score. It was awesome!

A couple of guys (including us) went to the other team’s ‘Drink Up’.  Traditionally after a rugby game the home team feeds the away team somehow.  After this game, they all went to a local pizza joint down the street.  Look at the beer towers on each table!

In typical rugby player style.

Pizza was served.  The other team was very nice & made sure we all had what we wanted.  We watched them give awards & pound beer when receiving those awards.  One guy even had to drink out of the boot.  He scored for his first time meaning they pour beer into an old cleat & he has to drink it.  It reminded me of the rugby festivities in college.

As we were leaving Todd noticed they had Moose Drool on tap.  He couldn’t pass it up & decided to get one.

It was a late night of rugby but fun!

This morning I woke up and decided to see if I could use the juicer my mom gave me a loong time ago.

I had no idea how the thing worked so I put a carrot in to see what would happen.  I thought it wasn’t working until this started creeping out from underneath.  Oops. I guess it does work.

Now that I know where the juice comes out, I went back and tried again.

I juiced anything in my refrigerator that needed to be used.  A carrot, a whole bunch of broccoli greens..

Now we are getting some juice..

1/4 of a head of cabbage..

a whole bunch of parsley..

A head of lettuce on its last leg..

A whole orange (I think our CSA oranges are blood oranges, the flesh is half orange & half reddish)

Look at the juice I got.

You know this has to be good for you.  It didn’t taste bad but it didn’t taste excellent either.  I think it was what I expected for a green juice.  Todd had a taste and said it wasn’t bad.   That’s a good sign!

My first attempt at juicing was a success! (A few mishaps along the way but in the end it all worked out 🙂 )

Now about this mess & veggie pulp.. Is there something I can do with veggie pulp?  Maybe I should start composting..

Have a great Sunday!  I think we are going to try a hike.. we’ll see how these calves hold up.


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  1. I just got a juicer and I’ve been doing some research into composting. I feel like I’m wasting so much of the veggies when I throw the pulp out!

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