Yoshino Japanese Deli

Todd took Monday off work this week we met for lunch. We decided it would be the perfect day to try out Yoshino Japanese Deli. I was told by a friend that it’s cheap & really good! Perfect!

This place is tiny! There are maybe two tables inside & two outside.  The only kitchen space is a small counter where you see him preparing the food. The owner (a very small cute man) quickly realized we had never been there before and walked us up to the front where he had a display refrigerator.  In the refrigerator was small & large poke bowls as well as a couple different kinds of sushi rolls.  We both picked out a large poke bowl & sat at one of the tables outside.  I was happy with my poke bowl.  It’s tough to find a sandwich for that price anymore!

After eating our lunch we went back inside to sample some gelato.  Yes.. he also had gelato & sorbet.  We tried a few flavors but were set on something else..

I wasn’t ready to go back to work so we went for a little walk around downtown Carlsbad & sp0tted a frozen yogurt place called Swirlicious.  Snickerdoodle, triple chocolate & peanut butter with sprinkles & hot fudge.  Ehh.. not my favorite fro yo.  It’s kind of sad, didn’t know I could have these feelings about frozen yogurt.

It was nothing compared to my red velvet last week.  I still am on the hunt for ‘brownie batter’ topping that I’ve seen around the blog world for awhile.  Anyone know where to find it?


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