My Cold Remedy

Anytime anyone around me gets a cold, I make a suggestion.  Drink ginger, lemon & cayenne tea.  I can’t say it’s really my remedy as I’m sure I got it elsewhere but I do promote it.

All three of these ingredients stimulate circulation & blood flow to the skin.  This raises body temperature and can make you sweat.  Dermicidin is a germ fighting agent made in the body’s sweat glands & then released with the sweat to the skin’s surface where it protects against invading microorganisms.

Has your nose ever ran from eating spicy foods? Cayenne also helps to eliminate congestion.

Now the phrase ‘Sweat it out’ has a little more meaning.  Though if you’re sick I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a hard-core workout! But then again, don’t listen to me, I’m not a doctor!  This is just what works for me.  I’m not too into medication, I never have been.  Your body will fight it off, it just wants a little help sometimes.

Anyways, since I am fighting a cold now, I’m making myself some tea.

First put ginger pieces (no need to peel) in water and simmer on the stove for as long as you can leave it.  The longer you leave it, the spicier ginger taste you will get.  Just be careful not to boil out all the water in the pan. That can get dangerous! I think I’ve done that before.. Or maybe that was with artichokes..

Once you are at a good ginger level (30 minutes minimum), get your mug ready.

Sprinkle cayenne into mug.  Once again, put as much as you can handle. The more the better!

Squeeze lemon & then add ginger water. Be careful it’s hot!

I’ve seen people add honey to their tea as well.  This is a great idea as honey is a great booster for your immune system.  It also makes it taste a little better!  For some reason, I don’t use honey.  I think I like the spicy taste.. but maybe I’ll try it out to give me even more nutrients!

Drink up but make sure you have tissue handy.  That mucus will be flowing!

Now can my body handle a run today? That is the question..


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  1. Maxine

    Feel better soon!

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