Creative Leftovers

I feel very lucky to have a boyfriend who will eat leftovers for weeks!  Lunches are always leftovers and dinners sometimes as well.  In order to spice it up a bit at times, you gotta get creative!

Tonight I took the leftover Channa Masala from the other night & made Stuffed Bell Peppers.  It turned out delicious.

First I cut the tops off & roasted two bell peppers at 350 degrees for a half hour (covered with foil).  Then I stuffed them with Channa Masala & continued to roast them for another half hour (covered with foil).  After that hour I removed the foil, added a bit of cheese & roasted just until the cheese melted.

Make a big salad & enjoy.  I don’t typically buy prepared salad dressing because it’s expensive.  Tonight I threw something together that worked out just fine.  I mixed red wine vinegar with water, olive oil, Dijon mustard, fresh parsley, fresh basil, & salt & pepper.  Turned out pretty good I think.  I’m interested to see how it tastes after I let it marinate in the refrigerator.

I could pretend I spent hours cooking.. but really, the oven did all the work!


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