Farmer’s Market Lunch/Dinner

Just completed my long run to make up for being out-of-town last weekend!  I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, I’m tired.

Tonight I will share about my farmer’s market trip on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon when I got home from my trip, Todd & I decided to hit up the Leucadia farmer’s market.  It has been months since I’ve found the time to go!  It was a gorgeous day to walk around.

We made it there just as all the farms were packing up their produce but we were still able to grab some lunch.

Todd got this Kasekrainer from Knight Salumi Co. It was oozing with gouda cheese. Spicy & Delicious!  He had to run to the car to get his water it was that spicy!

See my shadow taking this photo?

I tried out a wrap from Ready Veggie.  Inside was a veggie burger, avocado, spinach and some grilled onions inside.  It also came with jerk french fries.

The wrap was ok, not excellent but still good enough to eat.  After tasting the french fries we realized we may not like jerk seasoning too much after all.  It tastes like a fancy BBQ sauce to me.  I prefer ketchup to BBQ for my fries.

We picked up some fish from Pappa’s Fresh Fish Company for dinner.

Fresh farmer’s market salmon with roasted CSA veggies. Can’t get any better than that!

I need to go to farmer’s markets more often.  There are so many in SD that I should be able to fit more into my schedule.

I’m feeling a cold come on.  The insides of my ears itch.  It’s so annoying, how do you scratch there?  Need rest..





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  1. It seems like everyone is sick right now…I know this cold that got to me is definitely wearing out its welcome. Hope you’re feeling better!

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