Luna Chix Retreat

What a weekend!  This weekend I spent in Temecula for our Luna Chix Retreat.  Our season is starting in April so we needed to get all the logistics figured out.  Be ready for bike rides & events in the near future!

We rented a house up in the hills that was AMAZING! We found the place through VRBO.  It was huge & if we had good weather, we would be able to see for miles.

Good evening everyone!

We arrived Friday night to a wonderful dinner of pasta, salad & bread.

Oh and wine of course!  Delicious.

Our plan Saturday morning was to go for a bike ride but the weather didn’t work with us.  A couple of people got out for a run but I forgot my running shoes. So I had a lazy Saturday stuck inside.

We spent many many hours at this table figuring out our plan for the 2011 Luna Chix season.  We discussed marketing, fundraising, ride calendar & locations & much more.  I think we got a lot accomplished.

After business was taken care of, we headed out to South Coast Winery just down the street.

I have never been wine tasting in Temecula but this was crazy.

This bus explains it.  There were actually 2 busses & a limo outside.  I think since it was later in the day, this was the last stop on a couple of wine tasting tours.  That would explain the craziness inside.  It was like a party inside.  Not a sophisticated relaxing day drinking wine but it’s ok.

This was our lovely bartender.  Such a character!  I don’t think she stopped smiling.


The wine was ok.  I wasn’t THAT impressed but the Il Temporale was my favorite.  One of our ladies even bought a bottle of that one to bring back to the cabin.

Supposedly this winery is a big deal!  Look at all the awards they had on the wall.

As the night went on, we may have fit in with the rowdy crowd just a little bit.. hence the blurry picture.

What a great team bonding night.  After wine tasting we came back to the cabin to make some pizza.

Homemade pizza dough

Salad to get some greens in.

We had an assembly line for our pizza making

A veggie pizza without cheese.

Half pepperoni & mushroom & half tomato & basil.

There was a third pizza that went unpictured for some reason.  It had olives & grilled eggplant & some other veggies on it.  Yum!

Dessert was smores in the microwave! Who knew 🙂

They are a bit stringier than roasted on the fire.  It looks like string cheese!

It was a fun weekend filled with lots of business & some fun too!

Stay tuned for events & bike rides in the future! You’ll have to come join us!


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  1. Great photojournalism! I fell like I was there! Oh… wait.

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