At the same spot on my loop during today’s lunch time run I was smelling fresh-baked bread.  The 2nd loop I had to stop & see what was going on.  It was Solana Beach Baking Company.  As I was snooping (trying to look inside as the door was locked), a baker came to the door to greet me.  I told him why I was enticed & asked about the company. I guess they make bread for stores such as Trader Joes & local restaurants.  I will have to search for some!

Unfortunately, they do not sell bread on site they just make it.  I told him they should have a café or bakery on site as they are located in a business park and would probably do well.  He said they thought about it but nobody wanted to manage it.  I should’ve told him to hire me!  That could be fun right?

What if your office was right next door? Talk about a tease, I think I’d always be hungry! After my little detour in my room I completed the last 1/2 mile to make it an even 4.  I always have to end my run on an even number.  I’ve run circles around parking lots to get to my even number.  Anyone else do this?

Anyways, here are my run stats if you’re interested.  Don’t forget about my Sweat Log at the top of the page that gives you a recap of all my runs.

Summary 00:34:51 4.00 08:43
1 00:08:58 1.00 08:58
2 00:08:37 1.00 08:37
3 00:08:56 1.00 08:56
4 00:08:22 1.00 08:22

Tonight I will give you a recap of our evening yesterday.  It was a fun one!

Just a teaser..


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