Cravings Conquered

Tonight Missi joined me on our VAVI run & kicked my booty!  Great speedy 6 miler.

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After the run we decided to get some Pho.  Ever since the rain started in San Diego a week ago, I’ve had this craving.  North County does not compare to the Pho you can get on Convoy.  We just have to wait till we are in the area.  Tonight was that night!

Phuong Trang

As per usual, we started with the spring rolls.

Followed by the Tai (Rare Steak) Pho with added veggies.

Delicious as usual.  Craving #1 conquered.

The other thing I’ve been craving for a couple weeks now is frozen yogurt. I stopped on the way home.

Red Velvet & Vanilla Custard yogurt with chocolate sprinkles & cookie dough.  Where have chocolate sprinkles been my whole life?  I think I lost them at age 10 somewhere.  So glad I decided to reintroduce them.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had Red Velvet Cake or cupcakes or anything for that matter.  When I saw the flavor I had to try it out.  Is this yogurt flavor what Red Velvet Cakes taste like?  I need to find one, stat.

I’m not gonna lie, this yogurt did not make the 20 minute drive home.  It was gone before I got there.  Oops.  None left for Todd.. but in my defense, I tried to call to see if he wanted any.. but he didn’t answer!

Craving #2 conquered.

Did I conquer the cravings or did they conquer me?  Todd said I fell prey to them but I like to think of it as I made them go away!  It’s ok to give your body what it wants.. all in moderation right?

Who do you agree with? Todd or me?

It’s late & I need to shower.  Fun event in store for tomorrow.. I’m excited! 🙂



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2 responses to “Cravings Conquered

  1. Missi

    I love running with you chica! We have to do it more often and push each other. Anyway, I can’t believe you got yogurt without me!!!!!

  2. Jess

    That is SO funny! I just rediscovered chocolate sprinkles this year too. How did we go so long without them….

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