I run in circles..

Remember that moat I was telling you about? The one that holds us hostage in our own house without taking the boat ferry.. or drive a car over it..

With any amount of rain this baby fills up and won’t go away.  This ‘lake’ (as we call it) will become the joke of the neighborhood for months!

Anyways, it makes running from home difficult.

As does the lack of sunlight when I get home.

And the fact that I can’t get out of bed to run before work.

Details.. details.. I like to blame the ‘lake’.  Sue me.

This week consisted of 3 lunch time runs, in circles, varying amounts of circles all starting from my office front door.

Gotta log those miles.. TOYF.  Our VAVI coach tells us repeatedly that training runs are not ALL about time & pace but rather just spending time running (Time On Your Feet).  You don’t need to go all out on every run as that will probably just wear you out or cause injuries.  I was also told that adding more weekly miles (at the same pace) will help increase your pace.

Right foot..left foot..right foot..left foot..

Run #1 One big 5-mile loop – This was the first time I’ve done this loop as I’m a little intimidated by hills.  There was a downhill followed by a gradual uphill for a couple miles.  You can see that in my pace a little.  It’s good practice plus it’s only one loop.

Split Time Distance Pace
Summary 00:46:26 5.00 09:17
1 00:08:56 1.00 08:56
2 00:08:51 1.00 08:51
3 00:09:35 1.00 09:35
4 00:09:50 1.00 09:50
5 00:09:12 1.00 09:1

Run #2 Four 1.5-mile loops – The street my office is on sits on a 1.5 mile loop.  It’s pretty nice for tracking mileage but pretty boring when you run around the thing 4 times!  I can’t count the number of times I’ve passed the same person sitting at a bus stop multiple times during one of these runs.

Summary 00:54:30 6.00 09:05
1 00:09:09 1.00 09:09
2 00:09:05 1.00 09:05
3 00:09:14 1.00 09:14
4 00:09:20 1.00 09:20
5 00:09:02 1.00 09:02
6 00:08:37 1.00 08:38

Run #3 Two 2-mile loops – I think this is the first time I’ve done this loop.  Why? I don’t know.  It’s basically the 1.5-mile loop extended a little.  Might be a better alternative for a longer run farther into this training.

Summary 00:36:52 4.00 09:13
1 00:09:18 1.00 09:18
2 00:09:18 1.00 09:18
3 00:09:05 1.00 09:05
4 00:09:10 1.00 09:11

Yes, running in circles can be mundane and I often dread it. The act of changing into running clothes & getting all sweaty so I can sit in my own sweat for half the day never sounds appealing.

But, during & after every single run, I feel so much better and am so happy I did!

For dinner tonight we decided to try out Yu Me Ya Sake house right down the street from our house.  This was our second time at Yu Me Ya as it is a very tiny restaurant and most of the time it’s packed with a wait. Tonight we waited maybe 10 minutes & were seated at the bar. They must’ve known we were coming!

Yu Me Ya is a tapas Japanese restaurant with no sushi bar.  It’s not what you would expect but it’s a good change of pace.

You are greeted with tiny Origami cranes. So cute!

We both drank Sapporo though if you are into good Sake, it is a Sake Bar!  We don’t know anything about Sake but one time will try it out.

Steak Salad – nothing extravagant but good.

Fried Yams with Umi Mayo – Similar to sweet potato fries

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings served with spicy mustard.

Look at the spicy mustard sauce.  It’s the size of my pinky!  It must be spicy.


Oden – Fish Cake.  There are many kinds of Oden that are all cooked together in a Fish Broth.  It was served with a plum sauce & spicy mustard.

We were happy with our dinner & the service was great!  She always tells us when we order something that we shouldn’t though it always makes me more curious about that item.

Our little owl friend watching over us as we ate.

We didn’t overdo it at dinner as we have plans to watch some Super15 Rugby later tonight.  That may include some snacks and more beer.  Actually, I’m positive it will!

Hopefully this rain holds off for my run tomorrow morning..


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  1. TOYF…TOYF…TOYF…I have a feeling we’re going to get real sick of hearing that. (Maybe you already are since you did Vavi in the fall.) I know that too often I get caught up with time & pace which is just silly since my real goal is to finish a marathon, not BQ. Guess I need to keep repeating this mantra to myself.

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