Weeknight Eats

The key to eating healthy delicious meals during the busy work week is planning ahead. I still need to work on this as it’s tough to think about the work week on Sunday but this week we did. Sunday we planned 3 dinners as well as lunches/breakfasts to take to work.

Day 1: Valentine’s Day

We ended up making a special trip to the grocery store for our Monday evening Surf n Turf meal.  It was last-minute & special!

Day 2: Pizza

Using left over pizza dough in the freezer we came up with a pretty tasty pizza.

-Homemade Pesto (see below)
-Tomato Paste
-Swiss/Gruyere cheese blend from TJ’s
-Arugula (trying to copy Wine Steals)

I spread tomato paste on half the pizza then pesto on the entire pizza.  I wanted to experiment with the tomato paste and pesto together on half.  I really liked the combination but the pesto itself was really good too.

Last week my mom brought me spinach.  Sunday morning I decided to turn it into pesto.  I adapted this recipe with the ingredients I had in the house.

Spinach-Walnut Pesto

2 cups spinach
1/4 cup walnuts
1/3 cup parmesan
juice & zest of half a lemon
olive oil
salt & pepper

In magic bullet or other food processing machine mix spinach, walnuts, lemon juice, zest & parmesan.  Slowly add olive oil until you get a pesto-like paste.  (think peanut butter consistency? maybe)  I typically don’t measure the olive oil in something like this because I like to cut back on the amount if possible.  Season with salt & pepper and store in refrigerator or use right away.

**Note: If you don’t like lemon flavor in your pesto, cut back on the amount of lemon & zest.  I loved the lemon but Todd thought it was a bit much.  Just an FYI!

All done sans arugula.

My serving topped with arugula & red chili flakes.

Day 2 & 3 pre-planned meals are coming soon!

I was at the beach a few days ago & now it’s raining.  San Diego can’t make up its mind!  Tonight after a busy day of work I really wanted/needed to go for a run.  When I got home I realized our moat is back! (I will take pictures soon)  No in and out privileges unless you are in an automobile.  I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the water or drive elsewhere so Todd & I did some P90X.

We tried out the Upper Plus workout thinking it may be easier than the original because we were a little rusty & wanted to ease back into it.  Little did we know the Plus series is the advanced version.  Oh well, we made the best of it!  We also did Ab-Ripper X & XStretch.  It was a good little change of pace for me.  My upper body will most likely be sore tomorrow.

I like to keep a consistent schedule of 4 days/week running.  Looks like I know what’s on my schedule for the next 3 days!  Hopefully the rain holds out because my 24hour gym membership is now expired! :/


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