Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – The day of love

I have mixed emotions regarding this day.  I hate the idea of a ‘consumer holiday’ but I love the concept of celebrating love.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the ‘Valentine’s’ we used to pass out in grade school and the times during arts & crafts where we made our own.  I miss the box of chocolate my dad used to get every year for my sister and I, I really do.  It’s a fun holiday that makes people smile.  I’m all about that!  Writing this makes me want to make my own Valentine’s Day cards to distribute! Especially to those that don’t have Valentine’s themselves. I’d like to turn this holiday into a happy day for everyone!

For me, Valentine’s Day is a little different.  Maybe it evolved from many years of being in a relationship or maybe just realizing that money can be spent in more exciting ways.  Todd said it best when he told me he didn’t need Valentine’s Day to tell me he loved me.  I’d like all 365 days to be full of love!  The tangible goods are just not necessary.

Todd & I have slowly figured out how we like to spend our Valentine’s Day.  We don’t spend lots of $$ on gifts or chocolate or flowers and we don’t get reservations for a packed restaurant with a prix fixe menu.  We both have plenty of restaurant experience to know this is not the day to be dining out.

This year we treated ourselves to a home cooked special meal & enjoyed each other’s company.

We started with some Camembert & TJ’s Pita Crackers (my all time favorite crackers)

Paired it with a Chardonnay

In this house, we rarely eat meat. I have a real hard time buying meat in grocery stores.  After seeing Food, Inc., reading Skinny Bitch & part of Omnivore’s Dilemma I don’t believe any labels I see.  Everything from ‘natural’ to ‘free range’ to ‘organic’ I see right through it.  Needless to say, if I don’t buy it, we don’t eat it very often.  Though for some reason, I don’t have difficulty buying canned tuna, salami or other cured meats such as proscuitto, eggs or dairy.  This is a whole other post for another time!

Tonight was an exception (special).  We made our own version of Surf n Turf: Grass fed New York Strip & Albacore.  We sauteed them in olive oil with salt & pepper.

Roasted broccoli as our greens.

What a treat!

It’s that time of year again..

Dessert came in the form of girl scout cookies & this movie…

Yes, Dirty Dancing!  It’s a classic (to me) and Todd had never seen it.  If there’s any day I can get him to watch this movie it’s on Valentine’s Day.

I have a quick story…  I have been planning to watch this movie for about a week but haven’t been able to track it down.  The red box doesn’t carry it & we wouldn’t get it from Netflix in time.  On my way home from work on V’Day, I stopped at Blockbuster to see if I could rent it.  After searching what I thought was the entire store I went to the counter to ask if they had it.  You should’ve seen the look I got!  He searched the database to tell me they had it for BluRay only but that they had it to buy for $9.99.  I immediately told him I’d buy it & that I should own it anyways.  He then showed me where in the store it was & grabbed a copy for me.  Throughout this whole process, he had an awkward smile on his face and asked me multiple times if I really wanted this movie.  Driving home I couldn’t help but think about what that guy was thinking about me.  A solo girl in her work clothes in Blockbuster looking to rent Dirty Dancing on V’Day.  Did I look like I was going home to drown my sorrows in a chick flick?  Not that I haven’t been in that situation once or twice.  It was entertaining.  Little did he know!

Let’s not forget about love the other 364 days of the year!

“It all comes back to just letting go with love. Just put the love in it. Whatever it is, and if you can’t put love in it, don’t do it!” ~Bhagava Das, spiritual guru










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4 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  1. This is too funny…our Valentine’s day dinner also featured a TJs appetizer and a steak (which we NEVER buy either!)

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  3. frank

    Cured meats — such as prosciutto — are tied to traditions and regions.

    “When I was young, there was one kind of prosciutto. It was made in the winter, by hand, and aged for two years. It was sweet when you smelled it. A profound perfume. Unmistakable. To age a prosciutto is a subtle business. If it’s too warm, the aging process never begins. The meat spoils. If it’s too dry, the meat is ruined. It needs to be damp but cool. The summer is too hot. In the winter—that’s when you make salumi. Your prosciutto. Your soppressata. Your sausages.”

    With industrial meat production, it has gotten to the point where meat is no longer a treat. It’s become too easy and pretty much everybody these days is far removed from the actual cost of putting meat on the table: resources to raise the animals, injuries sustained in processing them, and environmental effects of meat distribution.

    Congrats on putting meat into a sensible perspective!

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