Beach in February??

What a weekend! Does it really have to be over?

Friday started with some dinner & wine with friends at Wine Steals in Cardiff.

Wine Steals at happy hour on a Friday is a bad idea.. Todd & I tried to get there early to get a table but we weren’t early enough.  I think we were standing for an hour and a half just ‘hovering’.  It was crazy busy!  While we waited, we consumed a little of this…

Once we found a table & our friends arrived, we moved onto the big stuff.

Food started with an ‘Everything Board’.  We meant to order the ‘Half’ Board but somehow received the ‘Full’ Board.  It was a lot of food!

The ‘Pinot Noir’ pizza followed.  Proscuitto, white truffle oil, arugula.. amazing!

Great friends, great food, great wine, great night!

Saturday morning started with a great 8.6 mile run with VAVI & breakfast at Broken Yolk Cafe to follow.  I ordered the Mom Omelet with egg whites, fruit & a biscuit!  It was soo good.  So much avocado in that omelet.  I wish I took some photos because the biscuit was huge!  I’ve had this weird obsession with biscuits lately.  I never eat them but I love the idea of them.  Wierd?  I want to eat one with a runny egg and cheese inside like a biscuit breakfast sandwich.  I took a couple bites of this one with my breakfast and brought the rest home for Todd to have when he woke up.  He made an egg sandwich and I think I was more excited about it then he was.  I really want to try & make them sometime.

Did I tell you it was in the high 70s on Saturday?  We spent the day doing this..

My pale skin needed it!

Bocce is the beach game of choice though it was not my day.

Festivities continued throughout the evening..

In the form of Catan.  Yes we are big nerds.. but this game is awesome!  p.s. – I was red.

Food came delivered from Chinatown.

Wonton Soup, Broccoli Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, House Special Chow Mein & Snow Peas.

Can you tell who won?

Joy of Cooking told us how to make some chocolate chip cookies.  These cookies were more chocolate chips than batter!  Good but messy!

Another great night with friends!

Sunday we were able to sleep in then watch the finals of the Rugby Sevens in Las Vegas.  South Africa beat Fiji to win the Cup.  Scotland beat Canada to win the Bowl. USA beat Japan to win the Shield!  Somoa beat Kenya to win the Plate.  I can’t believe I will be watching the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in September!  I’m so excited!

After some errands we were able to catch the sunset at the beach.

And on that note, it’s bed time.

Lets make it a great week!  G’Night.



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5 responses to “Beach in February??

  1. We are so lucky to be hanging out at the beach in February, aren’t we? We pretty much live in paradise.

    Sounds like such a fun weekend! How do you like the VAVI group? Tell me more.

  2. Mark G

    What’s with the cash on the table? Are you guys playing high stakes Catan?

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  4. Lindsey

    We had so much fun with you guys at Winesteals! Let’s take advantage of their Sunday flights soon 🙂

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