Tomorrow is Friday!

I went on a 5-mile lunch time run and everything seemed fine until I got back to the office & my groin started hurting. Now I’m hobbling around the office.  sigh…

I had a whole post written out & somehow it was deleted.. sigh..

Before continuing, lets remember its Thursday. That means tomorrow is Friday!! Now that’s something to celebrate!

Remember these pants that have finally been retired after 6+ years?

I got to thinking about my clothes and fashion a bit.  First things first, I have no sense of fashion.  I’m pretty ‘plain jane’ when it comes to my clothing.  Sometimes I miss having female roommates that I could raid their closets for something new to wear.

I hate shopping.  I know it might seem crazy, but I don’t like to shop!  Well let me clear up something, I love to food shop just not clothes shop!

A typical shopping trip for me looks a little something like this:

-Find something I like..
-grab a few sizes & try them on..
-get frustrated with what size I am.. (something I need to work on)..
-leave the dressing room.. walk around the store debating whether or not I need this item & whether it’s worth the cost..
-get frustrated once again at how long I’ve been in this one store..
-leave the store empty handed.

I wear my clothes until they can no longer be worn.  Check out these shoes that I still wear to work.

It seems it might be shopping time.

Why can’t I buy everything on line & have it fit perfectly when it gets to me?  That would be perfect! I don’t mind shopping online.

This brings me to the topic of workout clothing.  I think this whole topic came up when I was changing in the restroom at work for my lunch-time run & looked at myself in the mirror.  What was I wearing?!

Hand-me down shorts 2 sizes too big that go up past my belly-button.  As for the top, its a race shirt from 2009.  I want to make a quilt out of all my race shirts.  I may need to learn how to sew first..

I’m really not picky.  If it works, it works! I’m cheap. One of these days, I’ll fork out the dough for some good stuff.. lululemon would be a treat.  A real treat! Have you seen those prices?  In their defense I’ve never heard bad reviews or heard it wasn’t worth the price.  Now that I have this groin pain I’m thinking some compression would help.

Maybe with my tax return…

Thanks for letting me rant a little! It helps 🙂

Tonight was the third night this week I got to spend time with my mom!  That never happens.  It’s been awesome!  For dinner we had a concoction I threw together.

Butternut squash, onion, carrot, asparagus all roasted in the oven with coconut oil. Tofu pan fried to get crispy.  Veggies & tofu on top of quinoa with some crumbled goat cheese.  I topped mine with some lemon tahini dressing from the other night.  It kind of tastes like a watery hummus.

Veggies a roasting..

All together now..

I want to share one of my favorite snacks from back when Todd and I did a 45 day yoga challenge.  There’s a little market we would stop at on the way home to get coconut water & occasionally I’d pick up some papaya’s & limes.



Add the two together..

And Enjoy! So refreshing!  mmm… so good!



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3 responses to “Tomorrow is Friday!

  1. Leslie A.

    Check out Ross and Marshalls for workout clothing. It’s hit or miss sometimes, but I’ve gotten really good deals on brand name running shorts and sports bras (half the cost than at a running store!). You can also hit the outlet stores to get really quality stuff for a much cheaper price. Don’t worry about hating shopping, I don’t like it either, just think of all the money you’re saving 🙂

  2. Mary Ann

    The clothes shopping experience you described is what I go through every. single. time. And is also why I hate it and find it completely draining. I guess I’m not the only one. I was beginning to wonder when it seems most my friends find clothes shopping fun and exciting. It baffles me. I guess they just have body types better suited for they way most clothes are made.

    Thanks for all the awesome meal ideas btw! Loving reading your blog!

  3. I am so with you! I currently don’t like my work clothes, I don’t like my non-work clothes, I don’t like my workout clothes, I don’t even like my lounging around the house clothes! BUT, the thought of dealing with the shopping experience you just described has me in no hurry to upgrade my closet.

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