Superbowl?? Snow Fun!

Todd won ski lift tickets a couple of weeks ago by calling into a radio station contest!  I thought that never happened to people I know.. but it happened!

Neither of us were too into the Superbowl this year so we decided to use them today.  We were hoping it’d be empty!  We woke up early to head out to Mountain High Ski Resort.

Look at the weather! It was a beautiful day & very warm.

We had a great time overall!

The snow cover was a little weak but I’m no connoisseur when it comes to ski/snowboard mountains so I don’t know if I can tell the difference anyways!  This resort was made for snowboards! That I could tell.. lots and lots of jumps & rails & ‘germs’ (I think I heard Todd say something like that **update – Todd says it’s actually berm**) There were multiple times I almost went off a jump because I didn’t know it was there!  That I do not feel comfortable doing on my skis. In fact, I did go over a ledge like thing at one point & fell afterwards because it spooked me.  I wasn’t planning on getting air!  I feel like I held my own out there though I stuck with the blue & green runs.  No diamonds for me!  Why do I feel like I am going so much faster than I am?

The morning was more crowded than we expected! It seemed everyone was trying to get a half day on the slopes before watching the big game.  By late afternoon, it was pretty empty.

We tried to take pictures skiing/snowboarding but Todd told me I didn’t look ‘sexy’ skiing!! I am not the most comfortable skier as I only go every 4 years or so.  He said I use my arms/poles as balance and they are kind of floating on each side of me. I also use the ‘V-shape’ sometimes when stopping or slowing.  Before the photo run he told me to try & keep my arms down, I don’t know if I succeeded or not! 🙂  They look a little ‘out there’.

I definitely had more control & was faster by the end of the day.. cannot wait another 4 years till I go or I’ll be back at step 1 again!

At lunch time Todd went to the car to get our lunch & we found a seat at the restaurant bar they just announced had 1/2 price beer..

Unfortunately, the beer was only 1/2 price during the Superbowl.. oh well.  We each had a couple of Sierra Nevadas.  $5 is not bad for a ski resort.

Needed to rest my feet.. ski boots are never comfortable..

We felt bad for taking up one of the restaurant’s tables so we ordered a steak quesadilla from the appetizer menu to share.

It was time to get back on the slopes! We snacked on some celery sticks & peanuts the rest of the day.

I tried to get a photo of Todd on the ‘germ’ (once again I don’t know if that was what it was called **update – Todd says it’s actually berm**)  I took the first picture too early & the next one too late… dang it!

This one is him spraying me with snow.  Somehow I got him in this photo just before he moved!

We packed up and headed home close to 5pm.  On the way home we snacked on the pretzels, the rest of the celery & some oranges we packed as we listened to the 2nd half of the Superbowl!  Yay Packers!  Looks like we are having tuna for lunch tomorrow!

We were both craving sushi so we headed to Sushi n Joy in Oceanside on our way home.  We have been to this place once before and were happy with it so we thought we’d go again!

It is a very small hole in the wall type restaurant but with a very mom & pop feel to it.  Steven behind the bar was awesome!

Beer & Sake of course..

Albacore sushi.. the most albacore I’ve ever seen on a nigiri sushi order.  You can’t even see the rice on this plate!

Alaska Roll – Chunks of Salmon, Avocado, Seaweed, Crab wrapped in soy paper.

Sake in boxes.. Japanese style..

oops.. that was a shrimp tempura crunchy roll. There was avocado under the crunchies. I’ve never seen that before but it gave it a great new texture!

Salmon Skin Hand Roll – the salmon skin was overflowing the hand-roll! Todd was in heaven!

Spicy Hand Roll plus a chef’s surprise of fried quail eggs on top of crab.  Amazing!

Green tea ice cream is a perfect end to such a great meal!

Thanks Steve! We had a great time!

Hope you had a great Superbowl sunday!



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3 responses to “Superbowl?? Snow Fun!

  1. Marnelle Gleason

    Hey Tami, Sounds like you had a fun day at the snow!! I headed out for a great hill climbing bike ride Sunday morning, and made it back in plenty of time for some Super Bowl fun! Lou made popcorn!

    Love your blog!

    • thanks Marnelle! I need to get back on my bike.. it’s been months! I’m loving Chandler’s blog.. it’s going to make me want to go to France I can already tell!

  2. Todd

    hahaha. Nice post. I believe the term is “berm.” B as in boy. I know, I mumble.

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