I am pooped!

I have been very bad at documenting my weekend so far! I have not been in the mood to think about anything let alone take photos! I’d say it was a long work week.. next week will probably be worse :/

Here’s what I did get:

New CSA box with strawberries!!  Summer is coming 🙂

My little friend who comes to say hi everytime I pick up my box! Awesome cat!

Post run breakfast at Cantina in Pacific Beach.  Pesto scramble is always a winner!

OMBAC won every game of rugby I watched today! (3 games)

This little treat was given to me at the rugby drink-up.  Can you guess what it is?


(taking up space so you’ll try and guess before seeing the answer)


(taking up space so you’ll try and guess before seeing the answer)


(taking up space so you’ll try and guess before seeing the answer)


Ya..it’s a tough one.  I was told it is a ‘pudding shot’!  That’s right, like a jello shot but pudding instead!  I have no idea what was in it but there were crushed cookies like oreos or something scattered throughout, some mint was tasted.. and a good amount of alcohol.  Very good & a great idea! It makes me want to experiment..

After today I am exhausted.. I am so ready for bed at 8:30pm on Saturday night! Is that normal?

We have a big day planned tomorrow.. some prep work is needed

Peanut Butter & homemade apple butter on sandwich thin for breakfast

All ready!

Tuna salad for lunch

Ice chest packed.. breakfast, lunch, snacks & bars (and more bars – just in case ;))

To be continued..


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One response to “I am pooped!

  1. Anything with pesto is a winner in my book! Now I need to add Cantina to my ever growing list of places I want to try 😉

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