Pumpkin is back!

Tonight was another one of those quick meal nights.  After work I went to my first VAVI run of the season.. San Diego Rock n Roll here I come!

When I got home I scanned the fridge and found what needed to be eaten soon.

I conjured up something with these plus a few other ingredients. I would consider this meal a ‘Tammy creation’.  You have to cross your fingers to hope it works!

I introduce to you Black Bean Quesadillas two ways. (sounds like Top Chef doesn’t it? Oh, I miss TV sometimes.. but I know we’re better without it!)

Quesadilla #1: TJs refried black beans, pumpkin, goat cheese, nutmeg (I found a can of pumpkin in the cupboard. Score!)

Quesadilla #2: TJ’s refried black beans, kalamata olive hummus, chopped kalamata olives & goat cheese.

With the avocado I made a simple guac of avocado, lime, salt & pepper.  Delicious!

All together now

mmm..Look at that bite – it kind of looks like a monster with his mouth open & tapatio avocado eyes.. now I will never see my quesadilla in that picture again! Dang it..

The quesadillas turned out pretty good if you ask me!  Next time I might try adding some crunch.. maybe nuts of some sort or even an apple!

Look what’s calling my name!

I’ve been trying to get these out of the house by sending them off to Todd’s work but he won’t allow it! I guess they are THAT good!

Anybody doing anything exciting this weekend?! It is superbowl weekend!



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4 responses to “Pumpkin is back!

  1. Missi

    I love pumpkin, but in a quesadilla….hmmm i’d be a little afraid. Haha. You never said how either quesdilla turned out! Was it good or not?!?!?! By the way, I think it’s hilarious how you always see faces in your food. You have another post with a face. Haha. And what is that yummy looking dessert at the end and did you make it?

  2. Ya it was good.. but I would add some crunch next time.. maybe nuts..maybe an apple.. The dessert I made last Friday in the post East Village Asian Diner!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness! This is such an amazing idea!

    I love quesadillas, and pumpkin, so I will have to try this… Also, I am so glad to meet another person who regularly puts refried beans in their quesadillas… I ALWAYS do that.

  4. im going to new jersey for the first time!

    I love your blog.

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