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I finally cut off the timing chip from my tennis shoes & went for my first run this week.  It’s time to get back into running with all these races coming up! Besides training for my upcoming races, I want to get in more strength training, core work & yoga!  I created a page called Sweat Log where I’m going to record my exercises each week.  I’ll feel more accountable if it’s written down!  Feel free to check out the Sweat Log to see how I’m doing!

Speaking of pages I’ve been playing a bit with this blog and adding more stuff.  Along with the Sweat Log, I added a Recipe page where I’m putting my favorite recipes (so far featured on this blog), I added a Races page that lists all my 2011 races with recaps if they’ve already happened & I also have a San Diego page where I’m listing restaurants I’ve eaten at, restaurants on my list to try out & other San Diego related things.

Now I just need to update my About page.. and update some of these photos!  I want to make a ‘cooler’ (for lack of a better word right now) header photo.  The Big Sur photo is pretty awesome but I want a San Diego themed header.  I’ll work on that!  I need to have Todd teach me some photoshop so I can play with the picture sizes!

Ok back to exercising..

My lunch time run yesterday looked something like this: (1st one after half marathon)

Summary 00:31:48 3.75 08:29
1 00:08:30 1.00 08:30
2 00:08:17 1.00 08:17
3 00:08:39 1.00 08:39
4 00:06:20 0.75 08:28

My legs felt great initially! They must’ve been itching to get out and run.  Though this speed was not a comfortable one for me to keep up for any longer distance.  The run turned out to be pretty tough! I was just happy to get out and run!

Todd & I also made an appearance at the Bikram studio.  It was tough.. I haven’t felt dizzy like I did last night in a long time.  I think I will be sore from that one!  This is the start of my adding some more cross-training into my schedule. Stay tuned!


When you get home from yoga at 8:30pm and you need to eat dinner, you need something quick & fast! Todd and I threw together a tofu/veggie stir fry.  We used any veggies we had in our fridge – carrots, bell peppers, baby tomatoes, cabbage.. I think that was it.  . Todd threw together the sauce consisting of hoisin sauce, soy sauce, minced ginger, minced garlic, lemon juice & honey. Sauteed the tofu then the veggies, added a sauce & scooped it over some quinoa.  I think stir fry is my quick go-to recipe when time is an issue.  The sauce can vary from a peanut sauce to a simple soy sauce.. Whatever’s clever! (Did I just say that?)


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