What’s Next?

After the race on Sunday I’ve spent the last two nights in the kitchen from the time I got off work until bedtime (just about).  I’ve made bacon wrapped meatloaf, Polenta Veggie Bake, multigrain bread (post to come), mango lime ‘larabars’ (post to come), lentil & wheat berry soup (post to come) & put together breakfast & lunch for work.  Wow! I’m exhausted just reading that!  Anybody want to come over for dinner?!  We have leftovers galore!

I want to sweat, I miss the exercise endorphins!  It’s only been 2 days so instead of worrying too much about it, I decided to write-up my plan for the next 6 months-ish to get me excited for what’s to come!

Safari Park Half Marathon

In March I’m running the inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon through the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  Once the race is over we get a free pass into the park for the day!

Ragnar Relay

In April I am joining a group of 11 other people to do the Ragnar Relay in Southern California.  The 12 of us will run 200 miles from Huntington Beach to Coronado in around two days & one night.  It should be an awesome experience!

Rock & Roll Full Marathon

As of today I’ve decided I will run the Rock & Roll Full Marathon this year in June!  I have never ran a full marathon so this is a biggie!!  I am already signed up for VAVI’s next season of running club that trains for this race so I am on track.  I plan on signing up Thursday night at Road Runner Sports during VAVI’s Running Club orientation.  So unless I change my mind before then… this is the plan! eeeee

That’s what I’ve got so far for races!  Pretty exciting I’d say!  Who’s going to join me?!

San Diego Luna Chix

Luna Chix season starts up again in April/May so be ready for some bike rides! Speaking of which.. I should get on my bike..

“Keep varying the program. Your body will tell you what to do.”
– Joan Benoit Samuelson



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2 responses to “What’s Next?

  1. Missi

    I’m with you on all of those chica! I wanna do some bike riding as well, but I’m gonna definitely need your help with that one. In return, I will hold your hair when you puke during the marathon – Puke and Rally! Haha just kidding. So I have my bike and I want to ride, but where do I start? Maybe do a post on what you need for bike rides like tubes, etc. I need that. Excited to try the new larabars too!

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