Multigrain Bread

Now it’s time for my second go at this bread making thing..

I’m going to attempt this one. It isn’t a sourdough bread but it does use my natural starter!

This recipe has all sorts of good stuff added to the bread! I added flax seeds, wheat berries & sunflower seeds.  I didn’t use oat groats because I don’t have them.

I also varied the recipe by not letting it sit for the 2 hours but rather 1 after shaping the batards.. that’s too much time after work!

Anyone want some bread?!  I guess I don’t pay attention to the recipe quantity, meaning I have 4 loaves of bread! Oops!

The hard part in bread making is patience & time.. to me, that’s pretty tough.  You have to have a lot of time & be willing to wait.  If you can get over that part, there’s nothing to it!

Hmm.. what’s next..



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3 responses to “Multigrain Bread

  1. Mark G

    Dang that looks like good bread!

  2. frank

    that bread looks familiar! well, except the one i had was often hiding under some butter. :/

    one trick to cut down the rising time is to put the dough into a warm oven. warm = setting it to 200, then letting the oven cool down a bit. this is especially useful for that first rise when it’s cool inside.

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