Pre-Race Festivities

Today we went the race expo to pick up our bibs & do a little shopping!

Cool huh!?

I am number 6838 in Wave #4

We played with the holographic bracelets from Power Balance. It might be all in your head but as long as you believe it, it should help! It was fun & Missi is going to try one out tomorrow in her FULL Marathon!  Good Luck Missi!

For lunch we went to Naked Cafe.  Awesome restaurant with good wholesome food!

We split the Plate of Prosperity & the Buff Breakfast Burritos.  I would highly recommend the plate of prosperity but the burritos were just ok.

Now for some inspiration..

Dinner consisted of a little of this..

and some of this..

All in moderation of course!

So excited & nervous at the same time!

Clothes are laid out with race number secured to shirt, spibelt ready to hold gels & chapstick. Water bottles filled & some warm clothes ready for the morning!

Alarm is set for 5am..

G’night all!


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One response to “Pre-Race Festivities

  1. Missi

    The power balance bracelet worked… even if it was all mental. Haha. I think the mamma chia drink also worked in keeping my body hydrated…. even if that was all mental too. Whatever works right. Marathons are hugely mental anyway. You will see very soon little one. We need to go back to the naked cafe and try those amazing looking pancakes soon!

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