Work Week Prep

My goal each week is to plan and prep some meals for the work week.  This way, we eat healthier, we eat out less, we eat earlier & we have more time to relax or do other things.  Today I made a Costco trip to pick up some essentials.  Here is what I have planned so far.

For breakfast this week, I’ve prepped 4 days worth by making overnight oats.  Overnight oats is oatmeal that is not cooked but rather soaked in the fridge overnight until it thickens and gets soft.  Some of the essentials for my overnight oats are rolled oats, milk, chia seeds, some kind of sweetener and greek yogurt.

oops.. forgot the oats in this picture!

The additions are endless.  This week, I’m adding pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla to half & peanut flour & vanilla to the other half. In the morning, you can then put whatever toppings you want.  I typically use the yogurt as a topping but it can be mixed in before as well. Other toppings include fruit, nuts, seeds, apple butter, fruit preserves, peanut butter, coconut, chocolate chips.  Oh the possibilities..


We have some left over pork tenderloin from last week that I’m going to slice real thin and add BBQ sauce for BBQ pork sandwiches.

I’ve made some healthified egg salad for sandwiches.  In order to reduce the calories & fat in egg salad, I used non-fat greek yogurt instead of mayo to give some extra protein and eliminate the fat.  I also discarded about 1/4 of the egg yolks because you can’t taste a difference.

Does anyone else have a problem peeling hard boiled eggs?  They always look like a mine field after I get done with them!

I roasted the beets from our box in the oven for an hour, chopped them up and added olive oil & vinegar to make a simple beet salad to go with our sandwiches.


I cooked up some farro and sauteed all my remaining greens (chard, bok choy, mustard greens) in coconut oil  with some onion to be mixed with the farro as a  stir fry.

Oh and remember those collard greens?  Tonight I sauteed them with coconut oil, topped with salt & pepper and ate them with homemade black bean burgers!  So simple, yet delicious.

Goodnight everyone..


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  1. You are so gosh darn organized and disciplined. The most I ever do is make a pot of soup to bring to work for lunches. That’s the extent of my planning.

    Everything looks delish. So, the trick on hard boiled eggs I have heard is that right after you take them out of the boiling water you put them in cold water, then peal as soon as they cool off. Don’t wait too long or the shell sticks. 😉

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