13 miles done!

This morning I finished my longest training run for the Carlsbad Half Marathon coming up on January 23rd.  I am training with the VAVI running club that has made training so much more fun!  Last year, I ran this same race but did all the training by myself.  I wasn’t very organized and would run 5 days one week and only 1 time the next week.  The longest run I completed by myself was 9 miles so this year I’ve definitely stepped it up!

I finished the race last year with a time around 2:20.  I had an IT band flare at mile 5 where I could barely walk but shortly after was able to run the rest (thankfully).  This year, my goal is to beat that time.  I would like to run in under 10min./mile pace but we’ll see.  Someday, I will break the 2 hour mark.

To fuel my run, my breakfast was some homemade wheat bread (see previous post), PB2 and a banana.

Mid-run fuel included two gels that gave me a caffeine boost.

Here are the stats from my run..

Avg Pace
Summary 02:05:16 13.00 09:38
1 00:09:48 1.00 09:48
2 00:09:38 1.00 09:38
3 00:09:28 1.00 09:28
4 00:09:50 1.00 09:50
5 00:09:44 1.00 09:44
6 00:09:40 1.00 09:40
7 00:09:41 1.00 09:41
8 00:09:35 1.00 09:35
9 00:09:46 1.00 09:46
10 00:09:23 1.00 09:23
11 00:09:39 1.00 09:39
12 00:09:35 1.00 09:35
13 00:09:21 1.00 09:21

Done and done.. now I have some rugby to watch.. Have a great Saturday =)



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5 responses to “13 miles done!

  1. I wanted to run the Carlsbad Full Marathon, but it sold out so quickly! I missed my opportunity! Next year…

    Instead, I signed up for the Huntington Beach Surf City Marathon on Feb 6th. It was not the ideal race for me, but I was eager to run a marathon around that time.

    So… what is VAVI like?

    • VAVI has all sorts of sports leagues in San Diego. The run group is pretty good with two runs a week and lots of clinics. There are people of all paces too. I enjoy it!

      • Holly (eatrunsandiego)

        Kate beat me to it…that was totally going to be my question! I am thinking about doing their training group for the Rock n Roll SD in June so I was wondering the same thing.

  2. Leslie A.

    Woohoo!! Great job Tammy! You already beat your own personal record today, I can’t wait to see how you’re going to do in a couple weeks 🙂

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