I’m all in!

Last weekend I attempted to bake my first loaf of bread without using a breadmaker.  With my new stand mixer & time (all day long for waiting watching), I was equipped.

Low and behold after 4 hours, I had a beautiful loaf of honey wheat bread courtesy of Matt from KERF.  When it came out of the oven looking like this,

and this…

I almost squealed, I was so excited!  Since then, we’ve used it with eggs for breakfast, with soup for dinner & with sardine sandwiches for lunch.  Delicious! My mind keeps turning as for what’s next..

After some research.. I’ve decided on Sourdough!  Yes, i know.. sourdough is the mother of all breads, not for the novice bread baker you say.. but I have to start now if my starter is going to develop its flavor with time.. can you believe there are starters that have been alive and popping out beautiful loaves of bread for over 80 years? Some of the reading I’ve done is here and here.. lots to learn..

I’m going to create a starter, see how it goes, and then go from there.. If I can do this, I can make any bread right?!  Probably not, but I can still tell myself that =)

Better yet, I will bring you along for the journey, hey, maybe you’ll learn something..

First I hear it’s good to have a name for my little starter.. what starter you ask as I haven’t made it yet?  It’s in the womb.. isn’t that when you name babies?  Maybe bubbly..bubbles.. or something like Bob could work too..  to be continued..


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  1. Hi Tammy! Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂 I’d love to meet up sometime – looking forward to reading your new blog. Have fun with it!

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